Monday 4 July 2022
FAI CILS conference room, 1st floor – Via Tevere 20, 00198 Roma

“NEW CHALLENGES+ The impact of Covid in Information and Consultation –the need for organisational and technological adaptations”

9.30 – 10.00


10.00 – 10.10


  • Onofrio Rota , General Secretary FAI CISL

  • Konstantinos Margaritis, President OBES

10.10 – 10:20

Introduction, overview of the project, Sofia Spiliotopoulou, OBES

10:20 – 10:45

Presentation of new challenges in Italy

  • Employees perspective (10 minutes), M. Saady + A. Kulbertaub, FAI CISL

  • Employers perspective (10 minutes), Nunzio Cellucci CONFEDERIA

  • Discussion (5 minutes)

10:45 – 11:15

Presentation of new challenges in Germany

  • Employers’ perspective (10 minutes), Bettina Wilhelm, Katarzyna Brunch, zbb

  • Employees’ perspective (10 minutes), Dennis Dacke, Maria Wierscholowsky, veri

  • Discussion (5 minutes)

11:15 – 11:40

Coffee break

11:40 – 12:05

Presentation of new challenges in Greece

  • Employees perspective (10 minutes), Vassilis Ninos, Vice President OBES, Sofia Spiliotopoulou, Scientific Advisor, OBES

  • Employers perspective (10 minutes), Dr Ioanna Anastasopoulou, General Secretary, SAE EPE

  • Discussion (5 minutes)

12:05 – 12:30

Presentation of new challenges in Spain

  • Employees perspective (10 minutes), Andrés Parra, Expert in collective bargaining, FETICO

  • Employers perspective (10 minutes), Sergio García, Labour Relations and HR Specialist, ARINSA

  • Discussion (5 minutes)

12:30 – 13:20

Work in groups – Presentation of discussion topics and rules of engagement, Vicky Gravia, Associate, SAE EPE

Discussion in national teams:

  • Information and consultation, in relation to Covid-19, needs for reorganisation and digitalisation of processes (organisation of meetings, elections, representativeness, confidentiality etc)

  • Response of employees and trade unions to the new landscape of information and consultation

13:20 – 14:00

Presentation of findings in the plenary session

  • German workgroup, 10 minutes

  • Greek workgroup, 10 minutes

  • Italian workgroup, 10 minutes

  • Spanish workgroup, 10 minutes

14.00 – 14.10


14.10 – 15.00

Lunch-group discussion

In the conference we will have simultaneous interpretation in 4 languages: Italian, Greek, Spanish and German.
The project is co-funded by the DG Employment and Social Affairs of the European Commission


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